Requirements For Applicant

The eligible persons who may apply for AA for microwave links are as follows:

  1. Network Facilities Provider Individual (NFP (I)) license holder, who provides radiocommunication transmitters and links;
  2. Network Facilities Provider Class (NFP (C)) license holder, who provides radiocommunication transmitters and links;
  3. Private network facility (private corporations/companies registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). The use of the station is restricted for private purposes only.
  4. Government Department and Agencies.

For the inland private network, applicant has to provide proof that existing NFP(I)/NSP(I) license holders are not able to provide the services or any other similar services (wireless or wired) to the applicant.

Required Documents For Submission

No. Required Documents Service Provider (Licensee) Federal Government Private Network
1 AA Application Form (per station)
2 AA Application Fee (RM60 per application)
3 Network Diagram (case by case basis)
4 Copy of CMA 1998 License(s)  (for new applicant only)
5 Equipment and Antenna Specifications (for new equipment and antenna)
6 SIRIM Type Approval/Special Approval (for new equipment type)
7 Original certified true copy of SSM registration (for first time application only)
8 Other supporting document(s) that may be deemed necessary by MCMC


Terrestrial Microwave Link